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Peruvian asparagus volumes continue steadily

- General News
The Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association encourages retailers to promote Peruvian asparagus throughout December 2020 and into the New Years’ holiday.

ProduceIQ: Prices level off, asparagus gains offset iceberg’s drop

- General News
Week 40 prices have only reached the high of $0.85/pound once before in the last 15 years. Historically, prices decline through October until the Thanksgiving demand pulls them back up again at the beginning of November.

Imported asparagus prices gain strength

- General News
Asparagus prices are rising with volumes lower than the past several seasons.

Peruvian asparagus production falls during pandemic

- International
Peruvian asparagus was down the first half of 2020, and not surprisingly, it’s due to the pandemic. But COVID-19 regulations on labor are a bigger factor than any other pandemic effects.

ProduceIQ: Lettuce prices spike, but asparagus falls to 10-year low

- Analysis
Low yields (with low quality), caused by hot California weather, are driving the entire Lettuce & Leaf category significantly higher, +29 percent.

Markon Crops Report: Vegetable prices remain high as cantaloupes transition

- General News
Weather problems continue to affect California vegetables, and increasing foodservice demand is causing some prices to rise.

Asparagus market’s rough spring is turning

- General News
Asparagus prices are rising as production winds down in the United States, but the pandemic clearly had an affect on the market this spring.

Peruvian asparagus exports fall in first trimester

- International
According to the Association of Exporters (ADEX), the coronavirus pandemic has caused a 16.6 percent decrease in Peruvian asparagus exports amounting to $75 million, in comparison to the $90 million the same time last year.

Markon Crop Report: Domestic supplies taking over

- General News
Domestic supplies of many crops will continue to ramp up now that we’re on the cusp of June.

Michigan asparagus season kicks off

- General News
As consumers eagerly await the arrival of this season’s crop of Michigan asparagus, the weather decided to make them wait just a little longer.