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GRAPHIC: Lower apple volumes in 2021

- Analysis
The following graphic was produced by Agtools Inc. {{BB #:355102}} to show that the U.S. apple crop has produced the lowest volume this year as it has in the past seven years.

Exploring Apples: Consumption Trends

- Produce Blueprints
New apple varieties are displacing old standards to the extent that some sources fret about the future of the venerable Red Delicious and Macintosh. But there is concern about newer varieties too.

USApple elects board chair for 2021-22

- General News
The U.S. Apple Association has named a new chair to lead its board of directors. Michigan grower Chris Alpers of RedPath Orchards and Alpers Farms will serve the 2021-22 term.

Stemilt kicks off SweeTango apple season

- General News
Stemilt is kicking off the SweeTango apple season this week with harvest in central Washington.

USApple forecasts 2021-22 production over 11 billion pounds, up 2.7% on last year

- General News
While the COVID-19 pandemic has tested the apple industry up and down the supply chain, it has also presented unique opportunities, according to a new report released by the U.S. Apple Association today at the organization’s 126th annual Outlook Conference.

Applewood Fresh gears up for Michigan Rave, SweeTango harvest

- General News
Applewood Fresh, a premier produce brand and fourth-generation grower, packer/shipper and marketer of Michigan-grown apples is counting down the days to the start of their flavorful harvest, with Rave and SweeTango leading the way.

Stemilt brings nostalgia to Rave apple campaign

- General News
Rave brand MN55 cultivar apples are back in season and with that not only comes high-quality, outrageously juicy apples, but another exciting consumer-facing digital campaign designed to help consumers win gold.

United Apple projects strong apple season for eastern region

- General News
Apple orchards in the Northeast emerged from a long winter with no significant damage and a strong bloom, which has laid the foundation for an excellent crop across virtually all eastern varieties.

2021 Washington apple harvest estimated at 125 million boxes

- General News
The Washington State Tree Fruit Association (WSTFA) released its forecast for the 2021 Washington state fresh apple crop today.

The FruitGuys offers endangered California apple direct to consumers

- General News
Apple lovers nationwide can pre-order boxes of organic Gravenstein apples, an heirloom apple listed on Slow Food's Ark of Taste as an endangered American food, for delivery in August.