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FDA: How to fix a lousy job

- Analysis
The FDA is doing a lousy job in managing food safety for Americans. I won’t even say that that was the verdict of a panel at a Virtual Town Hall webinar sponsored by IFPA June 8. It was the premise.

The Secret History of Food

- Analysis
There is a genre of books about food that aren’t much more than a string of fascinating trivia. But usually these books are enjoyable and informative.

Time for a Department of Food

- Analysis
Rather than tinkering with FDA, maybe it’s time for bigger thinking.

Worst produce department advice ever 

- Produce with Pamela
We have to do a better job of presenting the value, flavor, and freshness in the produce department so consumers don’t believe this hyped-up nonsense.  

ProduceIQ: Markets unfazed by start of hurricane season

- Analysis
Hurricane Agatha kicked off hurricane season as it battered Southern Mexico, and remnants of the storm drenched South Florida. A solid category 2 storm, Agatha is the strongest May hurricane to make landfall in the Eastern Pacific.

Carbon credits move into agriculture

- Analysis
Carbon credits. Everyone has heard of them. But how many know what they are?

What retail can learn from foodservice demand forecasts

- Produce with Pamela
I’ve read a few reports lately that, while they are foodservice-focused, raise concerns for grocery retailers as we round the corner into summer and beyond.

Time to junk the performance review

- Analysis
The words “performance review” tend to evoke a visceral groan from supervisors and employees alike.

Show empathy for consumers’ inflation struggles

- Analysis
Inflation is hitting consumers hard, especially in food.

The challenges on the horizon

- Produce Blueprints
Recently, I was commiserating with a longtime industry leader about the state of produce in North America. We concurred that we’ve seen many changes—many good, and others not so good, and we agreed there will be several more changes coming down the pike.