Finding a fungus that’s right for you

- Analysis
I’m a Scorpio, so I guess it’s trumpet mushrooms for me.

Predictions for the year to come

- Produce Blueprints
As we begin 2020, I’ll share my thoughts on what to expect this year in mergers, retail, technology and more.

The value of your Blue Book rating

- Analysis
Like one's personality, produce firms operate in a defined, rather consistent manner, be that XX D or XXX B. Why does that matter?

The verdict: Cosmic Crisp vs. Honeycrisp

- Analysis
This week I did a taste test.

Be a better business partner

- Analysis
The produce industry is a people business built on trust, but here are two business practices that can get you to where you want to be.

Of microaggression and heart attacks

- Analysis
Fairness may be more crucial to your bottom line than you think.

Creativity, efficiency, and fun in 2020

- Analysis
The beginning of each new year is a time to reflect on what was and what can be.

Being anti-plastic is anti-environment

- Analysis
Consumers’ desire to cut down on plastic waste comes from a good place, but the latest pressure would do more environmental damage than systems in place now.

Data can’t replace human intelligence

- Analysis
The future is data, they say, but the world is generating more information than it can possibly know what to do with. Now what?

The apple takes the spotlight in the Big Apple

- Analysis
As I talked to attendees and exhibitors during the December 12 New York Produce Show, I looked for a theme, and I couldn’t help but notice how big a star the apple was.