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A frank talk about telling our story

- Analysis
It seems to me that there is an effective way to tell your story and an ineffective one. The ineffective one seemed more common 35 years ago, and it is still in use today.

Organic apple & pear growth continues strong

- General News
Organic apples and pears had the strongest monthly growth Superfresh Growers has recently seen. Both categories were up nearly 30% in the month of August. Organic apples were up 30% in dollars, while organic pears were up 29% in volume.

Nature Sweet faces the coronavirus

- Analysis
Recently we checked in with NatureSweet to see how they had been faring in the rocky months of 2020.

Reports from a disapproving mom

- Analysis
The current (October) issue of Consumer Reports has a story featured with the blurb “Produce without Pesticides” on the cover. If you like alarmism, this issue is for you.

The paradox of transparency and private label

- Analysis
Storytelling, transparency and consumer trust are the marketing trifecta of the last decade in all consumer products, especially food.

Robotic harvesting: The future comes closer

- Analysis
The U.S. produce industry seems to be trapped in a race against time. Will it solve its labor difficulties—exacerbated but not created by the coronavirus—in time?

NPR cheap shots food box program

- Analysis
NPR is a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, but its latest analysis on USDA’s Farmers to Families Food Box Program is filled with cheap shots and ignorance of the fresh produce market.

Fruit Logistica highlights sustainability

- Analysis
Sustainability is likely to remain at the forefront for the foreseeable future, according to a new report.

Tomato border inspections: So far, so good

- Analysis
Nearly five months after they began, how well have the border inspections worked?

Avocados and toilet paper

- Analysis
“The future of grocery may come down to how we buy things like toilet paper and avocados,” write two analysts. Let's dig into that.