Alerts and Updates

There are a lot of moving pieces in the fresh fruit & vegetable industry. Many businesses have a difficult time keeping up with other business’ activities, but our watchdog lists and automatic updating service makes monitoring the industry easier than it ever has been.

These services allow our customers to readily create customizable lists of organizations they would like to monitor either via email updates or online monitoring. With our email service, it is simple to have reports automatically sent to a company and follow along with each individual company’s area of interest.

Typical monitoring lists might include:

  • Vendors
  • Connections that have a borderline or declining rating
  • Competition
  • High-volume and important accounts
  • Newest customers

And with the automatic update service function, you can receive email notifications when changes occur to firms you select. Instead of keeping track of other companies a business works with by pen and paper, allow our automatic updating service to make your organization more efficient than it ever has been.