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Romaine lettuce is known by many names, including Cos lettuce, Roman lettuce, and Manchester lettuce.

Although romaine is the most common name in North America, this variety will occasionally be referred to as Cos lettuce. Cos refers to a Greek island located off the southwestern coast of Turkey, where this lettuce variety is said to have originated. Romaine lettuce is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables.

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Types & Varieties
Romaine is an elongated, heading type of lettuce with pronounced, firm ribs. A cool season crop, types and varieties will vary in color (green or red) and how tightly the leaves close. Leaves are referred to as ‘self-closing’ or ‘loose closing’ depending on whether they curl inward at the top to form a head.

Romaine hearts are the tender, yellow interior leaves known for their mild, sweeter flavor.


Romaine requires nutrient-rich, well-drained soil and can be direct seeded or transplanted. Due to its shallow roots, drip irrigation is the best way to maintain moisture. Mulch can help reduce weeds and regulate soil temperature.

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