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• One of three commodities (kiwifruit and cantaloupes are the others) that require a minimum percent of soluble solids to meet U.S. No. 1 grade, the standard requires grapes be mature as defined by individual state regulations (e.g., Flame Seedless produced in California must meet a minimum soluble solids reading of 16.5% while Perlettes must meet a minimum 15.5%)
• Grapes affected by juice of adjoining leaking or decayed grapes are scored as a defect (called “wet and sticky berries,” which is considered a free-from defect and its presence, in any amount, will be scored against the tolerance for serious damage)
• Grapes wet from condensation moisture are not scored as a defect
• Shattered berries are not attached to their capstem and this is considered a defect; reasonable care should be taken when inspecting grapes as all shattered berries (including berries that have fallen off during inspection) are to be scored as a defect; shattered berries affected by decay will be scored against the decay tolerance.

Source: Tom Yawman, International Produce Training,


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