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Pests & Diseases
Citrus leafminer larvae create shallow tunnels or mines as they feed on young leaves. Aphids feed on the moisture inside leaves and secrete a sticky substance that attracts ants, which do not harm the tree but serve as an indicator of infestation.

Green mold spores are produced by fungus on the surface of infected fruit and are airborne, making it difficult to control. Brown rot is typically associated with high rainfall and restricted air and/or water drainage. Stem end rot is a major decay of the fruit that starts at each end and works its way down the sides.

Storage & Packaging
Optimum storage temperature for up to 6 weeks is 54 to 57°F with 85 to 95% relative humidity. Temperatures below 50°F will cause chilling injury.

References: Florida Department of Citrus, Purdue University, UC Davis Postharvest Technology Center, University of California, University of Florida/IFAS Extension, USDA.

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