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Disputes: A Golden Opportunity?

The fresh cold chain never sleeps. At least it’s not supposed to. When it does, the disputes that arise are not always clear cut, and the fallout from a messy dispute can strain valuable business relationships. Read More

Sharing the blame for defects at destination

The Problem: High percentage of defects at destination following a delay in transit.

The Key Point: Proving a breach of the warranty of suitable shipping condition is more difficult when transportation conditions were not normal. Read More

Mexico: Local Forecast

Like many partners with a long history, Mexico, the United States, and Canada enjoy a relationship that’s often fraught with highs and lows. Read More


The following summary of a precedent-setting reparation decision issued under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) is intended to help companies understand their rights and responsibilities under PACA. Read More

Picture Perfect Philly Market

In the City of Brotherly Love, the wholesale produce industry has deep historic roots but is embracing the future through diversity and expansion. Read More

Fertile Fields & City Commerce

As consumers continue to demand more fresh produce beyond traditional local seasons, Midwest growers, receivers, and retailers are ready and willing to tackle the challenge. Read More