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Miami’s Magic

While Mother Nature has always played a pivotal role in fresh produce, last year was a ringer, affecting so many involved in growing, shipping, or selling produce in Florida and the Southeast, as well as Texas, Mexico, and the Southwest. Read More

Grande Output

When some people think of the Rio Grande Valley, they imagine endless skies, long stretches of land, and few people. This may have been true years ago, but today’s Rio Grande Valley or simply ‘the Valley’ paints a very different picture. Read More

Three Predictions for 2018

This year, 2018, will shape up to be another interesting and challenging year for the produce industry. And while there will no doubt be a few things no one saw coming, here are three that will have a significant impact. Read More

California’s Citrus Sweet Spot

The California citrus industry brings in over $2 billion annually and accounts for 22,000 jobs.

Although cultivation can be found throughout the state, most production comes from Tulare, Kern, Ventura, Riverside, and San Diego counties, with fruit available most of the year. Read More

Perishables Return to Rail

As the fresh produce supply chain grapples with the latest food safety rules, transportation mandates, and driver demographics, shippers should take a fresh look at the availability and cost performance of intermodal (truck and rail) delivery. Read More

Rejected loads and ownership

The Problem: Seller not responding to rejections.
The Key Point: Title to the product automatically reverts to the seller following an effective rejection. Read More

Receiving Line

Though the town may seem small and unassuming, and the walnut trees that suggested its name are not as plentiful, Nogales is a crucial player in international trade and the fresh produce supply chain. Read More