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Sunny Cal Farms now shipping organic, conventional specialty grapes

sunny cal grapes

Reedley, CA, June 6, 2024 – Sunny Cal Farms BB #:396563 is launching their organic and conventional grape season with varieties of specialty grapes selected for their unique gourmet qualities.

Sunny Cal grows and ships Thomcord, Victoria Muscatta, Kyoho and Niabell varieties. Thomcord and Victoria Muscatta are seedless, while Kyoho and Niabell are heirloom seeded favorites.

Sunny Cal Farms is owned by CJ Buxman, a third generation San Joaquin Valley grower/shipper, and former President of Fruit World Company, along with his wife Maureen. A boutique growing and shipping operation located in Reedley, CA, Sunny Cal Farms’ goal is to bring program buying consistency for specialty and unique products to small and mid-sized retailers.

“We are on a mission to help retailers spice up and expand their table grape programs by providing consumers with unique and memorable eating experiences,” said CJ Buxman, owner of Sunny Cal Farms. “These are boutique varieties, some dating back over 100 years, that we have selected and planted because they are uniquely fragrant and flavorful.”

Thomcord grapes are a hybrid of Concord and Thompson Seedless grapes, with the rich, full Concord flavor and the tender skin and seedless qualities of the Thompson. Victoria Muscatta are a Muscat variety cultivated from vines first planted in 1906, and have proven to be consumer favorites and top sellers. These seedless varieties are available in 20×1-pound clamshells, 10×2-pound paper totes and 12×2-pound cardboard totes.

Niabell Concord grapes are extra sweet and juicy with a strong, floral perfume aroma. Kyoho slip-skin grapes are renowned for their robust flavor, and are in high demand, especially in Asian specialty markets. The large, round deep-purple berries are as beautiful and exquisite to the eyes as they are to the palate. Niabell and Kyoho grapes are packed in 6×3-pound clamshells.

All Sunny Cal grapes are grown in California’s Central Valley and will begin shipping mid-late July. The Kyoho variety is being packed, straight from the farm, under the Kyoho Gold and Murasaki (meaning “purple” in Japanese) Queen, labels. The other varieties are being packed under the Sunny Cal Farms label.

Early fruit set indicates strong volumes will be available for the Thomcord and Kyoho fruit, while supply of the Victoria Muscatta and Naibells, coming from younger vines, will be more limited.

“Generic red, green and black grapes have become a staple for kids and snacking. We are focused on quality over quantity and fulfilling the increasing demand for the varieties of grapes enjoyed by our parents and grandparents,” Buxman continued. “I’ve nurtured the vineyards from young cuttings to mature vines producing incredible fruit where flavor wins out over size, and seeds become part of the fun.”

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About Sunny Cal Farms:
Headquartered in Reedley, CA, Sunny Cal Farms grows and ships organic and conventional California-grown specialty and traditional citrus, along with heirloom and novel grapes. As third generation farmers, CJ Buxman and his wife Maureen are committed to providing the highest quality, most flavorful fruit packed under their Jasper label, while providing concierge-level customer service. For more info visit