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Orchard View Cherries projects strong season with large sizing

orchard view cherries bag

THE DALLES, Oregon — Orchard View Cherries BB #:302562 is gearing up for a fruitful season, with an outlook of consistent, large sizing and mature sugars. Exclusively marketed by Oppy BB #:116424, the team eagerly awaits its first pick on June 13.

After a challenging few years of weather events, the season is progressing well, experiencing moderate conditions for excellent quality.

“It’s the most normal season we’ve experienced in a while, with cool mornings and temperate days,” said Brenda Thomas, president of Orchard View.

“Chelan, the first variety we pick, is just starting to turn color and is looking great — which tells us a lot about the cherries to come,” Thomas shared. “We’re seeing consistency and good distribution through the trees, which in turn will give us some nice sizing. Mother Nature has been really good to us so far, giving the cherries ample temperatures at the exact time they need it to develop their sugars. It’s looking to be a really tasty crop.”

Promotional periods are expected in June, particularly around Father’s Day and the Fourth of July, with peak volumes anticipated between June 20 and July 7.

Dedicated exclusively to cherries, over 90% of the fruit Orchard View ships is grown on their own orchards, so retailers can trust that their packs have been carefully nurtured and selected. Varieties range from Chelan, Bing, Kordia, Rainier, Lapins, Regina, Skeena, and Sweetheart, each matched to its ideal microclimate and elevation on the banks of the Columbia River.

“The Dalles is a unique haven,” said Oppy’s Senior Vice President of Categories and Chief Marketing Officer James Milne. “The rich volcanic soil, ample sunshine and moderate climate create an ideal environment for producing the finest cherries in the world that grade to the highest specs. This is why Orchard View retains widespread national appeal and interest from key export markets around the world.”

Now with over 100 years of cherry expertise under their belt, Orchard View not only honors its deep-rooted traditions but will use them to propel their next century, said Thomas.

Orchard View Cherries are available in high-graphic pouch bags and top seal.

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