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Sponsored Content: How produce wholesalers increase distributor profitability

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When it comes to buying produce, many distributors assume that working directly with growers is the only way to go.

However, there are many benefits to working with a trusted wholesaler like Bonsai Produce & Distribution BB #:271139.

Bonsai Produce specializes in sourcing and distributing high-quality produce to businesses in the food industry. Here are just a few of the benefits that produce distributors can enjoy by buying produce from them:

Access to a Wide Variety of Produce

One of the biggest advantages of working with Bonsai Produce is the access to a wide variety of commodities. As a wholesaler, Bonsai sources its produce from a vast network of growers. This means that they can offer a broad range of fruits and vegetables, including those that may not be grown or available locally. This allows local produce distributors to offer their customers a wider selection of produce throughout the year.

In addition, Bonsai has experience with sourcing unique and hard-to-find produce, making them a valuable resource for distributors looking to offer something new and exciting to their customers.

Consistent Supply of Fresh, High-Quality Produce

Bonsai Produce is committed to sourcing and distributing only the freshest, highest-quality produce available. They work closely with growers to ensure that their produce is harvested at the peak of ripeness and delivered to customers as quickly as possible.

By working with Bonsai, local produce distributors can rely on a consistent supply of fresh, high-quality produce throughout the year. This can be particularly important during the off-season, when local supply may be limited.

Cost Savings

Buying in bulk from Bonsai Produce can also help local produce distributors save money. Because Bonsai sources its produce from a network of farmers and growers, they are able to offer competitive prices to their customers. This can help local produce distributors keep their prices competitive and improve their profitability.

Buying in bulk from a wholesaler like Bonsai Produce can also help distributors save on transportation costs, as they can consolidate orders and reduce the number of shipments needed.

Reduced Risk

By working with Bonsai Produce, local produce distributors can reduce their risk of supply disruptions that can occur when relying solely on local growers. By sourcing produce from a wide network of growers, they are better able to respond to changes in supply and demand.

This ensures that local produce distributors can continue to meet the needs of their customers even if there are issues with local supply. Bonsai Produce has experience with managing supply chain disruptions, and can work with distributors to develop contingency plans and alternative sourcing strategies.

Increased Efficiency

Working with Bonsai Produce can also help local produce distributors save time and resources on logistics and distribution. By entrusting Bonsai Produce with the responsibility of managing the logistical aspects of transporting the produce from growers to distributors, the latter can concentrate on their core business activities, such as marketing and customer service, without having to worry about transportation logistics. This will help distributors improve their overall efficiency and profitability.

Working with a trusted wholesaler like Bonsai Produce & Distribution can offer many benefits to produce distributors. From access to a wide variety of produce to cost savings and increased efficiency, there are countless reasons why distributors should consider working with Bonsai Produce to meet their produce needs.

About Bonsai Produce & Distribution

Bonsai Produce & Distribution is an Atlanta, GA based produce distributor that specializes in supplying high-quality fresh produce to foodservice distributors, and wholesalers throughout the United States. Through a vast network of growers across all U.S. regions, and a combined 50 years of produce experience, Bonsai Produce strives to enrich the buying experience with a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude in sourcing over 100 commodities in a multitude of varieties, sizes, and packings. Founder and CEO, Joel Ferrara, believes that Bonsai Produce is greater than the products it sells – it is also the services it provides. Putting the customer at the forefront of its operations ensures an ever-evolving customer experience tailored to fit their needs.

Kelly Shawkat, Marketing Director at Bonsai Produce & Distribution