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Sponsored Content: Bonsai Produce improves loading times with new check-in system

Sponsored Content: Bonsai Produce improves loading times with new check-in system

Bonsai Produce & Distribution BB #:271139, a leading distributor and wholesaler of fresh produce throughout the southeast region, has recently announced the implementation of a driver check-in kiosk at its Atlanta, GA distribution center.

The kiosk is a secure, intuitive, and user-friendly tool that will enhance communication between warehouse staff and drivers. This will streamline the loading process, allowing drivers to quickly check in, verify their identities, and begin the loading process in a secure and efficient manner.

The system eliminates the need for manual check in and diminishes wait times, allowing the product to be loaded faster and drivers to get back on the road quicker.

Bill of ladings (BOLs) are quickly funneled through an automated process. When loading is complete, the warehouse staff signs the documents, and then a message is received by the driver to return to the kiosk to sign and print the documents. When this step is complete, customers will receive a copy of the BOL and a notice that their product is on the way.

The check-in kiosk will also provide Bonsai Produce with detailed data which can be used to analyze performance and make informed decisions about the loading process. This will help to ensure that the loading process is efficient and effective, allowing Bonsai Produce to better serve its customers.

Joel Ferrara, CEO, believes “this new process will provide a more pleasant experience for the drivers and a more efficient loading process, ultimately providing a better client experience with trucks arriving at their door faster.” The installation of the driver check-in kiosk at the Atlanta distribution center is just one step forward in a line of advancements to come for Bonsai Produce & Distribution.

About Bonsai Produce & Distribution

Bonsai Produce & Distribution is an Atlanta, GA based produce distributor that specializes in supplying high-quality fresh produce to foodservice distributors, and wholesalers throughout the United States. Through a vast network of growers across all U.S. regions, and a combined 50 years of produce experience, Bonsai Produce strives to enrich the buying experience with a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude in sourcing over 100 commodities in a multitude of varieties, sizes, and packings. Founder and CEO, Joel Ferrara, believes that Bonsai Produce is greater than the products it sells – it is also the services it provides. Putting the customer at the forefront of its operations ensures an ever-evolving customer experience tailored to fit their needs.