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Aldi touts low prices over ‘gimmick’ merchandising for growth

Aldi produce department

Voted No. 1 in price five years running, ALDI welcomes more than 1 million new shoppers year over year and reveals how it keeps prices low without compromising quality

September 22, 2022: It’s no secret that Americans have been feeling the sting of high grocery costs for months.[1] Rather than become accustomed to eyebrow-raising receipts at the end of every grocery trip, record numbers of shoppers are heading to ALDI BB #:116756, voted No. 1 in price five years in a row.[2]

We’re pleased to share that in the past year we have welcomed more than 1 million new households into our stores and experienced double-digit sales growth, proving the ALDI experience is one that resonates.[3]

In fact, what makes us different is what our shoppers love most. We create a different kind of grocery experience by focusing only on what matters: providing high-quality groceries like fresh fruits and vegetables, award-winning wine and beer, and delicious meat and seafood, our fastest growing categories,[4] instead of wasting time (and money) on all the extra noise, like apples stacked in a fancy pyramid. And our simple, efficient displays are just the beginning.

“Many times, people equate low price with low quality, but that is simply not the case at ALDI,” said Scott Patton, Vice President of National Buying. “We make thousands of strategic, intentional decisions that help us keep prices low on high-quality groceries because we’re committed to giving our shoppers the very best, at a price they can afford – every day, in every aisle.”

A one-of-a-kind shopping experience
Just because our apples aren’t stacked doesn’t mean they’re lower quality. We get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered daily, source locally whenever possible, have a large organic selection and emphasize seasonal produce so our shoppers get the best value and peak freshness.

• Our fresh fruit and vegetable sales are up 70% in the last five years. In that time, we’ve expanded our assortment by 20%, with a heavy focus on organic. [4]
• Ninety-eight percent of the most popular produce can be found in the average 130 items we offer at any given time.

Specialty foods sourced from around the world
We work directly with wine, cheese and meat suppliers to stock the very best product for the lowest possible price. We also skip the non-necessities, like a deli counter and in-house butcher, and focus our selection on the most popular products in the most popular sizes.

• One hundred percent of our award-winning wine and beer selection are ALDI-exclusive labels sourced directly from world-renowned vineyards in Napa Valley, Champagne and Italy. Nearly ninety percent of these items cost $10 or less.
• We offer a rotating selection of gourmet cheese and one of the largest selections of store brand vegan milks alongside traditional, organic and grass-fed milk and cultured dairy products.
• Our meat and seafood selection includes everything from organic, grass-fed ground beef and wagyu burgers to 100% responsibly sourced seafood and fresh, never-frozen fish. In the last five years, we’ve doubled our sales[4] (with a 77% increase in organic meat sales this year alone[3]).

In fact, our meat and seafood selection is so good, chefs swear by it. “I love shopping at ALDI when I’m looking for affordable, restaurant-quality meat and seafood, like for my salmon with spinach and mushrooms,” said chef and New York City restaurateur Millie Peartree. “It’s the best of both worlds – a price that doesn’t completely blow my grocery budget, and the quality that I’m excited to eat and proud to serve.”

Award-winning private labels
Private label brands are 90% of what you’ll see on shelf and have been part of our strategy for 40 years. This allows us to control everything from ingredients to packaging, identifying the most efficient options and quality-testing according to our rigorous ALDI standards every step of the way.

• Our producers, the same ones that supply many of the nation’s leading stores, tell us we quality test our products more than any business they know.
• Our dedication pays off – one in three ALDI private labels is award-winning.[5]
• We back every single one with our Twice as Nice Guarantee. If for any reason our shoppers are not 100% satisfied with a product, they’ll get a replacement and a refund.

And a thousand other little ALDI things
Most shoppers would be surprised to learn what they’re paying on top of the food in their cart. Here are a handful more of the many ways we save our shoppers money:
• Our famous quarter cart deposit system keeps our team from having to chase down carts in the parking lot.
• Our smaller footprint stores are less expensive to operate and we strategically stock only the items we know customers want.
• We display our produce and products in the crates and boxes they arrive in, which minimizes the time needed to stock shelves.
• We print multiple barcodes on our products for faster scanning at checkout.
• We limit store hours to the most popular shopping times.
• Whether you buy one of our reusable bags or bring your own, you’ll be bagging your own groceries. Bonus: ALDI has never offered single-use plastic bags minimizing waste.
• We don’t play music, so we don’t have to pass along the cost of licensing fees.

Once shoppers experience the ALDI difference, eyebrows may be raised at the checkout line, but in a good way – because you’re only paying for want you want: high-quality groceries. It’s an ALDI thing.

About ALDI U.S.
ALDI is one of America’s fastest-growing retailers, serving millions of customers across the country each month. With 2,200 stores across 38 states, ALDI is on track to become the third-largest grocery retailer by store count by the end of 2022. When it comes to value, ALDI won’t be beat on price. ALDI has also been No. 1 for price according to the Dunnhumby Retailer Preference Index Report for five years running. Since 1976, ALDI has offered a unique shopping experience where customers never have to compromise on quality, selection or value. In fact, 1 in 3 ALDI-brand products are award-winning. Customers can save time and money by conveniently shopping in-store or online at ALDI also proudly serves as a Feeding America Leadership Partner, donating 30 million pounds of food each year in an effort to end hunger in America. For more information about ALDI, visit

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