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Produce Alliance promotes food safety leader

barbara hulick produce alliance

Produce Alliance, LLC BB #:159218, announced today a reaffirmation of its commitment to remain at the forefront of food safety innovation and unmatched protection for its customers, distributors and grower/shipper partners, in elevating its longtime leader of Food Safety, Barbara Hulick, to Vice President of Food Safety.

Barbara is a highly acclaimed industry leader in the development and advancement of food safety ideology and practices within the produce industry. Well known in all growing regions and a frequent leader on policy and practice advancement across all sectors of the industry, Barbara has been a leader at Produce Alliance since joining the company in 2016, Barbara has been instrumental in constructing the food safety advancements that have elevated PA’s service to all of its customers.

In her new role, Barbara will continue to lead Produce Alliance in ensuring that all partners and customers are the beneficiaries of new and innovative policies, procedures and business constructs that capitalize on Barbara’s topical regulatory knowledge, understanding of how to optimize implementation of all such new developments, from field to point of sale, and creating a strong bond between the legal and regulatory aspects of food safety and the pragmatic realities of operating growing, shipping, packing, distribution and back of house food service operations.