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Nature Fresh Farms introduces Snack Supplies

nature fresh snack supply word games

August 9, 2022 Leamington, ON, CAN – With the start of the school year just around the corner, the launch of Nature Fresh Farms BB #:274537 Snack Supplies is the perfect solution for busy parents who want to fuel their families with convenient, nutritious snacks to get them through the day.

“We wanted to bring something to market that was a fun, high flavor alternative to traditional sugary snacks, that kids and parents could be excited about,” explained Jane Rhyno, Vice President, Marketing and Category Development, Nature Fresh Farms.

Available in four-ounce varieties including Medley Tomatoes, Tiny Cocktail Cucumbers and Mini Sweet Peppers, Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies grab-and-go snack bags include a three-pack of collectable stickers, plus a kid-friendly game such as a word search, maze, or crossword puzzle with every package.

Nature Fresh Farms introduces Snack Supplies

“When we were discussing packaging, our team reminisced about the games on the back of cereal boxes and the toys inside them that used to draw us in as kids, we thought these same concepts could work for our Snack Supplies,” recalls Rhyno; adding that the team designed the packaging to be bright, colorful, and school-themed to get kids excited about picking healthy snack options for their lunches.

For families looking for snack alternatives that will fuel them through an entire week, Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies also offers one-and-a-half-pound top seal options in both Medley Tomato and Red Grape Tomato varieties, which can be easily portioned for a week’s worth of lunches.

nature fresh snack supply top seal

“The task of fueling kids with nutritious snacks that aren’t loaded with sugar can be a huge hurdle for parents who are competing with the brightly colored packaging and cartoon characters that line the shelves of retail snack aisles. Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies is the solution, giving kids an exciting alternative to traditional sugary snacks,” says Rhyno.

With their convenient grab-and-go and easily portioned options, Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies is the healthy, tasty, and convenient go-to choice for busy families.

Contact your sales representative to discuss how you can add Nature Fresh Farms Snack Supplies to your assortment.

About Nature Fresh Farms
At Nature Fresh Farms we find joy in innovation and see beauty in ingenuity. We believe we can be smarter about how we grow and our role in creating healthier communities by doing things differently. Based in Leamington, Ontario with facilities in Delta, Ohio, Laredo, Texas, and Mexico, we continue to expand our global network of quality growers and logistics partners, allowing us to provide the plumpest, crunchiest, freshest produce that tastes better because they’re grown better. At Nature Fresh Farms we are growing for a kinder future.

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