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Ultrafast delivery firm Getir partners with Copia for food donations

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CHICAGO, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Getir, the pioneer of ultrafast grocery delivery, today announced it is partnering with Copia, a technology provider connecting food donations to local nonprofits in need.

Through the collaboration, surplus food and groceries from Getir’s stores will be delivered to select nonprofits across the New York City, Chicago, and Boston regions. The relationship will further Getir’s mission to give back to local communities in the U.S., create a seamless turn-key solution to donate surplus food and help solve hunger issues while reducing the environmental impact of food waste.

In late 2021, Getir, the pioneer of ultra-fast grocery delivery, launched its operations in the U.S. in three cities, with plans to continue expansion in the coming year. Getir knew that alongside their rapid growth and scaling efforts, they needed a plan to give back, partner with local organizations, and extend their core value of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing food waste.

Every day, the U.S. wastes 3X more food than there are mouths to feed, proving that hunger is not a scarcity issue, but rather an ineffective redistribution of surplus food. Over 38 million Americans struggle with food insecurity every single year, and up to a staggering 40% of food in the U.S. is squandered.

To solve this issue, Copia has built the underpinning technology to measure, manage, and strategically reduce food waste while ensuring any and all edible surplus food gets diverted to those most in need. With the increase in legislative requirements placed on foodservice businesses’ to donate edible surplus food, Copia makes it easy to prove compliance.

Copia’s automated system allows Getir to manage full-circle logistics – scheduling food pickup times, organizing which foods to donate, staying compliant with local authorities, and managing tax benefits – as a crucial part of company operations. While Getir remains committed to helping solve food insecurity issues, the impact of food waste also takes a tremendous toll on the environment as well.

“From the top down, the Getir team is excited to help divert some of the 108 billion pounds of food per year that otherwise gets left in environmentally toxic landfills. Throughout all locations in our three operational cities, the wider Getir team – delivery riders, managers, customers and local communities – have embraced this partnership with Copia,” says Langston Dugger, Head of Operations at Getir.

“Working with Copia is a perfect way for Getir to further strengthen our environmental mission in tandem with adding positive food benefits to local citizens.”

Since launching with Copia in March of 2022, Getir has already donated 7,485 pounds of edible food, delivered 6,238 meals to local nonprofits, saved 741K gallons of water, and diverted 33.5K pounds of CO2 emissions.

“Copia makes it easy and beneficial for businesses to reduce their food waste and donate their surplus to communities in need. Partnering with Getir, a leader in the last-mile grocery fulfillment segment, is an exciting and strategic expansion for Copia’s technology,” says CEO of Copia, Kimberly Smith.

“We are proud to support Getir’s commitment to making a positive social and environmental impact as well as introducing visibility into a new sector of their supply chain.”

The Dwelling Place, a nonprofit in New York that provides safe shelter, individualized care, support, and guidance to homeless women as they build a sustainable, self-supported lifestyle is grateful for the recent donations from Getir and Copia.

Deborah Pollack, administrative director at the Dwelling Place shares, “We received our first delivery from Getir over the weekend! The donation was amazing. It included avocados (which we love), strawberries, and more. The items serve a very different and crucial component to our services by supplementing our pantry bags. This allows us to support more of the community by sending those in need home with food. The healthy items were great and our community members were so grateful.”

About Getir
Getir is the pioneer of ultrafast grocery delivery. The tech company, based in Istanbul, has revolutionized last-mile delivery with its “groceries in minutes” delivery proposition, offering approximately 2,000 everyday items to its customers. Getir has operations in all 81 cities of Turkey and launched operations in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the United States in 2021.

Getir is, first and foremost, a technology company that operates in retail and logistics. It was founded in 2015 by Nazim Salur (founder of BiTaksi, Turkey’s leading taxi app), Serkan Borancili (founder of GittiGidiyor which was acquired by eBay in 2011) and Tuncay Tutek (ex-PepsiCo and P&G executive in Europe & the Middle East).

About Copia
Copia is helping people in need and reducing carbon emissions by making it easy and beneficial to reduce waste and donate surplus. Copia’s technology is the first fully automated waste tracking, prevention, and surplus redistribution platform. The easy-to-use app creates operational consistency and ensures that every donation is matched and delivered to a nonprofit in need. Through Copia’s robust and actionable data, food donors are better able to inform business decisions, celebrate positive social and environmental impact, write-off meaningful tax deductions, and show legislative compliance. Copia is not only making it simple and profitable for businesses to do the right thing, but they’re democratizing food access and equity for all.