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Explaining Peru’s ascendance in blueberries and grapes

Peru hasn’t become the world’s top exporter of fresh blueberries and grapes overnight, said Alejandro Fuentes, president of the Association of Agricultural Producers Guilds of Peru (AGAP).

Fuentes told Exitosa Noticias that “the crop where Peru has broken the most is blueberry. It is a crop that Peruvians don’t consume, but that worldwide there is a growing consumption, and Peru went in eight years from literally not exporting blueberries, to being number two and then becoming number one in the world.”

He also added that Peru continues to grow at the export level with other products such as avocados and grapes.

With regards to grapes, Peru is also the number one exporter worldwide, he said, and that’s taken longer to achieve than blueberries.

“That has taken us about 20 years,” Fuentes said. “It did not happen in eight as it did with blueberries, we surpassed Chile in value and now we are number one. They are number two, and the U.S. is in third.”

As far as avocados, Peru is still very far from Mexico, currently at half of the production in comparison.
“Ten years ago, we were a tenth,” Fuentes said. “Today we are half. It is true, we are still far from Mexico, but we are clearly growing.”

Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services