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Peru becomes world’s third largest ginger exporter


According to the Center for Research on Global Economy and Business of the Association of Exporters (Cian-Adex), Peru is the world’s third largest exporter of ginger.

In 2020 China was the world’s leading exporter of ginger with $718.5 million, accounting for 52.9 percent of the total. China was followed by the Netherlands with $155.6 million and Peru with $105.6 million, as reported by Andina.

Peru mainly exports fresh ginger (91.9 percent) followed by dehydrated ginger (3.8 percent), juice (3.6 percent), and powdered ginger (.7 percent). Exports of puree, candied ginger, and infusions jointly represented .03 percent.

In 2020, organic exports grew 206.4 percent and conventional 102.5 percent. From January to November 2021, shipments of Peruvian ginger totaled $81.2 million, 13.4 percent lower when compared to the same time period in 2020.

The ginger produced in Peru reached 42 nations, led by the U.S. with $39.1 million, representing 48 percent.

The U.S. was the world’s leading importer of ginger with $173.4 million (12.2 percent of the total), followed by the Netherlands with $150.2 million (10.5 percent), and Japan with $106.8 million (7.5 percent).


Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services