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Castellini to focus on supply chain services in transformation plan

Cincinnati, Ohio (January 19, 2022) Playing to its strengths in supply chain support services, the Castellini Group of Companies BB #:102397 implemented the final phase of its plan to transform the 125-year-old produce company into an indispensable asset in the temperature-controlled supply chain industry.

“Market conditions changed significantly over the past decade and produce buyers across the industry increasingly source their product directly from the grower/shipper,” said Brian Kocher, president, and CEO of Castellini in response to why Castellini implemented this plan 36 months ago.

“The ensuing increased demand for supply chain services caused by this shift in sourcing became our opportunity to pivot along with the entire wholesale industry in response to the consumers expectation for fresh produce fast.”

Castellini Group of Companies has undergone a re-deploying of its assets and is reshaping itself into a more comprehensive resource for its customers.

“We have been on this journey for three years and our customers across our facilities in Wilder, KY and Atlanta, GA not only experience value add but demand more support from us,” said Kocher. “Our success is directly tied to our customers’ success, and we are excited to grow alongside them as we retain our status as an innovative industry leader.”

This transformation has resulted in a re-configuration of Castellini’s employee base and a reduction in workforce at its Wilder, KY facility.

“The strength of our co-packing and distribution capabilities and our success in creating value for customers via those strengths, led to our decision to focus exclusively on supply chain services for the industry,” said Chris Larsen, incoming CEO of Castellini Company.

“Change is always difficult. But, we can only provide the support our customers require by reconfiguring the workforce, our support infrastructure, and our investment priorities,” says Larsen. “This is the final step in our strategy implementation.”

About Castellini

Founded in 1896 on the original Cincinnati produce terminal market, Castellini is one of the oldest members in the produce industry. With 125 years of industry growth and expertise, Castellini is one of the largest providers in the produce supply chain and cold storage industry. Castellini delivers sustainable, profitable growth for its customers and suppliers, and delight to the communities they serve.

2 Plum Street
Wilder, KY 41076