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Fifth Wheel Freight appoints Chief Marketing Officer

Fifth Wheel Freight – Ryan H- Final

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Fifth Wheel Freight (FWF), BB #:344357 one of the fastest-growing logistics and transportation companies in North America, announced the appointment of Ryan Hornack as Chief Marketing Officer. This integral position will oversee the development and execution of the marketing strategy for FWF to foster continued growth.

“I am humbled by this opportunity,” says Hornack. “Great marketing starts and ends with incredible collaboration and teamwork. This structure positions our team to achieve our goals and challenges us to be better every day.”

In 2013, Hornack began his career in communications, working for two college athletic departments over three years. This experience set the foundation for his career and opened his passion for marketing, driving him to seek an opportunity in the private sector. He held a position at Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Co. from 2016-2017 before connecting with FWF.

Hornack joined FWF in 2017 as an entry-level Logistics Consultant, allowing him to learn the industry and understand the importance of marketing in a competitive space. A year into his tenure, he started the marketing department for FWF, launching all initiatives from the ground level, including a full company rebrand in 2019. He held this position from June 2018 through August 2019 before earning a promotion to Director of Marketing as the department saw growth in full-time team members.

“The evolution of marketing and communications at FWF is a product of our great team.” Hornack states. “Our dedication to the success of each team member has initiated innovation and creativity. Marketing in the logistics space is very competitive, and our team continues to generate opportunities for visibility and engagement.”

Hornack’s growth as a business professional, leader, and decision-maker has been instrumental in driving the development of company visibility and reputation. Over the past four years, he has established a communications strategy and initiated strategic partnerships.

“Ryan’s marketing leadership will propel us forward and solidify our position as a top company in West Michigan,” says Reese Van Heck, CEO of FWF. “The initiatives he is implementing are vital to our success and growth as an organization.”