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Colombian Hass avocado exports grew by 35% in volume, 63% in value this year

In the first nine months of this year, Colombia exported 69,629 tons of Hass avocado, 35 percent more than the 51,565 tons exported during the same period last year.

Regarding value, there was $156.65 million worth exported during the first nine months, 63 percent more than the $96.28 million during the same period last year.

Jorge Restrepo, director of Corpohass, explains to El Colombiano that this commodity has risen in the variety of agricultural goods that Colombia sells to the world. The first container was shipped in 2009, and in the 12 years since, it is already near the top of exports.

“Hass avocados are fourth in Colombia’s agricultural export sales. The first three are coffee, bananas, and flowers,” Restrepo said. Within the last four years, seven markets have been opened to this product: the U.S., Argentina, China, Japan, Peru, Korea, and Chile.

The main destinations are in Europe with the top six being the Netherlands with 37,024 tons worth $85 million, the UK with 9,616 tons worth $22.7 million, Spain with 8,221 tons worth $15.6 million, Belgium with 4,538 tons worth $10.5 million, France with 3,723 tons worth $8.7 million, and Germany with 2,100 tons worth $4.7 million.

Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services