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The case for produce brands over generic private labels

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Modern consumers demand to know more about their food, especially fruits and vegetables, and generic retail brands don’t provide that.

During an educational webinar Nov. 18 by DMA Solutions, Inc. BB #:188910 Dallas, TX, Dan’l Mackey Almy, President & CEO, explained the importance of fresh produce brands in building department sales.

“Most retailers do not invest in marketing their private labels like produce brands do,” she said, listing social media, advertising, packaging design, among other ways marketers attract consumers.

She said there are a few retail brands, such as Trader Joe’s, which speak to customers with their brands, but most retail private labels simply offer a lower price, and that’s about all.

“We need to get away from the thinking, if it’s on the shelf, they’ll buy it,” Almy said. “It took us so long to get away from the commodity mindset, we’d hate to go back.”

Leslie Simmons, who recently joined DMA as Marketing Strategist, said produce brands have to bring a compelling story to retailers.
“You have to show your brand’s story,” she said. “Bring data and analytics” that show stronger sales.

Almy said most retailers who use a generic store brand say private brands aren’t doing enough marketing to justify their use or their volume isn’t enough for consistent supply.

Produce brands need to overcome these objections and make a case for themselves, she said.

“Now the consumer is more educated and shops with a computer in their hand,” Almy said. Generic private labels “are not the best way to build trust with consumers.”


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services