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Dole launches malnutrition label campaign to highlight food waste and insecurity

Dole Sunshine Company’s Malnutrition Labels: Food Waste transforms classic NYC symbol of waste into tool to support waste reduction and fight hunger.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A consumer pulse survey released today by the Dole Sunshine Company BB #:124463 revealed significant education gaps when it comes to the impact of food waste on hunger, with a third of Americans admitting they make no effort to reduce food waste at home.

The survey was commissioned as part of Dole’s ongoing consumer education efforts on food insecurity. The biggest barrier to reducing waste is that consumers just don’t know how.

Over one year after announcing The Dole Promise, the company is launching the second in a series of activations called Malnutrition Labels. Inspired by the trusted and universally known nutrition label, Dole’s Malnutrition Labels were first introduced in a series of larger-than-life projections meant to call attention to alarming nutritional issues.

Now, Malnutrition Labels: Food Waste is helping to transform the symbol of waste into a valuable tool supporting waste reduction and fighting hunger, appearing on big belly smart waste and recycling bins, trash bags and waste removal trucks. The campaign will roll out during Hunger Action Month and is designed to drive education and spark action, by shedding light on the staggering statistics of food waste and its impact on food insecurity.

At the Dole Sunshine Company, we believe that good nutrition is a human right. Like sunshine, it should be accessible, affordable, and available to all,” said Pier Luigi Sigismondi, President, Dole Food & Beverages Group.

“However, around the world, even in developed countries, this is not the reality due to a gap between food (what is produced), and feed (what is available for consumption). Raising awareness, educating the consumer, and taking action to reduce food waste is critical to our promise to provide access to good nutrition to 1 billion people by 2025.”

Each label invites people to do their part and help #ChangeTheFacts at through simple changes at home or by donating to City Harvest, New York’s first and largest food rescue organization. Dole has also released a Zero Waste Guide that includes tips, recipes and more helpful tools for consumers to combat food waste in their homes.

“We are excited to partner with Dole Sunshine Company to highlight the importance of reducing food waste—a principle that City Harvest was founded on. As New York City, and the world, continues to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for nutritious food remains high. It will take everyone working together—including consumers, nonprofits, and the private sector—to reduce food waste and help feed our neighbors in need,” said Rebecca Fontes, Director, Business Partnerships, City Harvest.

The campaign kicked off in NYC in partnership with City Harvest. Through product donation and funding, Dole and City Harvest will rescue and deliver more than 280,000 pounds of food to New Yorkers in need.

Dole worked with City Harvest’s Junior Food Council ambassadors and chefs Madeline and Anna Zakarian, daughters of Food Network Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and foodies in their own right, to create recipes that reduce food waste and promote healthy eating.

As part of this initiative, nutritious, shelf stable Dole products will be distributed through City Harvest’s Mobile Markets™ this fall, farmers market-like events held in the city’s most underserved areas where community members can pick up fresh produce and goods, as well as learn how to make healthy meals at home. The integrated education initiative will be supported by out-of-home, paid digital, content, and social media.

To learn more and see what you can do to help #ChangetheFacts, visit

About The Dole Sunshine Company
The name Dole Sunshine Company is used to represent the global interests and combined efforts of Dole Asia Holdings, Dole Worldwide Packaged Foods and Dole Asia Fresh. Dole Sunshine Company is not an actual business entity and does not operate as such in any country or region. For more information on Dole Sunshine Company, please visit

About the Dole Promise
In June 2020 Dole announced The Dole Promise, with its three pillars around nutrition, sustainability and the creation of shared value.

Better for People: Access to sustainable nutrition for 1 billion people by 2025, moving towards zero processed sugar in all Dole Packaged Foods products by 2025.

Better for Planet: Working towards zero fruit loss from Dole farms to markets by 2025, aiming for zero fossil-based plastic packaging by 2025. Working towards net zero carbon emissions in Dole operations by 2030.

Better for all Stakeholders: Dole will continue to positively impact all farmers, communities and people working for Dole – through its commitment to equal opportunity, living wages, and an ever-increasing level of safety, nutrition, and wellbeing. The company also seeks to advance human rights within the direct operations and supply chains by building a culture of transparency and accountability. The company also aims for a 50% increase in the value of its business by 2025.

Malnutrition Facts: Chapter 2 was conceived in partnership with Lanfranco & Cordova and implemented with support from agency partners including Spark Foundry, High Wide & Handsome, and Peppercomm.

The Dole Promises are from the Dole Asia Holdings group of companies, and apply to their products, which can be seen at