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Colombian avocado exports nearly double in early 2021

From January to May 2021, Colombian avocado exports reached $114.3 million, marking an increase of 87.8 percent, according to ProColombia.

The main buyers are in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Argentina, Russia, and Costa Rica.

Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia, said “Currently, avocado is the second most exported fruit, behind bananas. Without a doubt, it is a catalyst for the country’s agro-export basket, which allows us to diversify our offer abroad. We will continue working with companies in the sector and with Corpohass, so that the fruit can continue to captivate the palates of international consumers.”

At the end of January, Colombia obtained phytosanitary access to export avocado to Chile, as a result of the sanitary diplomacy strategy, deployed by the national government and headed by the Ministry of Commerce, industry, and Tourism, the Ministry of Agriculture, the ICA, Invima and ProColombia.

Meanwhile, Jorge Restrepo, executive director of Corpohass said Hass avocado exports to South Korea are a sign of new open markets, thanks to the strategy of the National Government’s Health Diplomacy.

“In this new milestone, I highlight the commitment of entrepreneurs in this sector to take the fruit to new destinations in markets that have very demanding work plans for producers and exporters. Colombian fruit is already a new option for Korean consumers,” he said.

Colombian avocado export volume increased by 73 percent in 2020 to 77,190 tons and 64 percent in value to $146.4 million.

Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services