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Maglio Companies debuts ready-to-eat mango cheeks

GLENDALE, WI – July 26, 2021 – Maglio Companies BB #:105281 is thrilled to announce the launch of Maglio Mango Cheeks, a ready-to-eat comestible consisting of peeled, pitted, and individually wrapped mango halves.

Maglio Mango Cheeks officially launched on July 22, 2021, where it was a highlight of the Fresh Ideas Showcase at the PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo in Monterey, CA.

“Mangoes are the number one fruit in the world, but for the average consumer or food service worker, they’re cumbersome to peel and cut,” says Maglio’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Jeffrey Stachelek.

“By eliminating prep work, we’re allowing for maximum enjoyment. Now a chef or line cook can simply peel open a pouch and dice a cheek or two for a bowl of mango salsa. Moms and dads can offer our mangoes to their children as a quick and healthy snack. We see endless possibilities in how this product can enhance our day-to-day eating habits.”

Maglio Mango Cheeks will come in three convenient formats: 20 count bulk pack that’s ideal for food service, a “single” pack consisting of 12 individual UPCs perfect for a grab-and-go set, and an eight-count multipack that will appeal to health-conscious, busy families.

Mangoes are picked at the peak of ripeness, peeled, pitted, and cut, with processing to extend shelf life – the first product of its kind.

“There are frozen mangoes and mangoes that are swimming in juice and preservatives, all to extend shelf life,” muses Sam Maglio, President of Maglio Companies. “But there isn’t a product like ours where you can have the duality of extended shelf life and fresh, unadulterated fruit. So we’re of course very excited to be able to offer this product.”

About Maglio Companies
Maglio Companies is a fifth-generation, family-owned, and operated importer and distributor of fresh produce headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From its inception in 1902, the company was founded on the premise that customers deserve the freshest and most consistently packed tomatoes and distribution services available in the market. Maglio Companies is a pioneer in food safety programs and has developed several proprietary handling processes still used today. Maglio Companies continues to grow with the addition of ready-to-eat products and
cold-pressed juices – and that’s just the beginning.

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