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La Casa del Aguacate welcomes new VP of Sales

La Casa Del Aguacate (House of Avocado) BB #:369368 has hired Rick Johnston as its Vice President of Sales. Rick will be responsible for all aspects of CDA’s North America and Export sales of the companies year-round Mexican Avocado supply. His focus will be on the development of retail, wholesale and food service customer relationships as the companies 52 week supply of conventional and organic Mexican Avocados grows in volume along with consumer demand.

Rick brings over 25 years of fresh produce experience domestically and international to the growing CDA team. Most recently serving as the EVP of Sales for AC Brands and Sumo Citrus.

“I am very excited to join La Casa del Aguacate (House of Avocado) as the VP of Sales. Having our own facilities in Michoacan and Nayarit shipping Conventional and organic Mexican avocados 52 weeks a year assures constant supply to our customers and full traceability during packing and transit. State of the art packing houses, step by step Quality Control team, in house trucking allows us to offer the full range of Avocados and pack styles directly to our customers every week of the year.”

“At La Casa del Aguacate (House of Avocado), we’re thrilled to have Rick to join our house and family,” said Arturo Larios CEO of CDA. “We’ve been preparing for this launch for a few years now, and we believe that having Rick lead the team, will accelerate the journey to position our brand in the US market and worldwide. We look forward to our continued growth under his direction.”