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DAUMAR appoints North American CEO

DAUMAR BB #:164505 is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ivan Corvillo as our North American Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Corvillo was unanimously voted into office by the Board of Directors, as a strategic leader to carry DAUMAR’s North American companies into the future.

DAUMAR is a leading supplier of packaging materials and packaging machinery to the fresh produce industry. DAUMAR recently opened a new state-of-the-art factory in Huntersville-NC and is planning to open a second U.S. based factory in the very near future.

Ivan is not new to the industry; he has been working with DAUMAR for over 6 years as Chief Information Officer. Before that, he was Program Director of Autoliv, the world’s largest automotive safety supplier.

As Chief Information Officer, Ivan led the development and strategy for the DAUMAR Information and Technology services, including digital transformation, business Processes definition and standardization, and more. He was also a core driver of DAUMAR’s ERP Implementation strategy and led the team in charge of architecting DAUMAR’s Operations business. He also contributed to the design and implementation of main critical processes in the DAUMAR Production Facilities.

“Having built the DAUMAR IT team & Infrastructure and leading the Implementation of our new Corporate ERP, I am able to see the entire business from start to finish in a way that provides me a competitive advantage to take the best strategic business decisions.”

Ivan was born in Madrid (Spain), holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Catalonian Tech. University and studied abroad at the Tech. University in Eindhoven (Netherlands).

In Ivan’s own words, “I am very honored to join DAUMAR’s U.S Division as CEO. I am prepared to lead its next growth chapter. I am very excited to work with the experienced and talented team I found at DAUMAR U.S.”

“After the first months in the U.S., I am able to see first-hand the challenges of the Plastic packaging industry. Latest events on raw material prices, Supply Chain issues and Sustainability made me realize the importance of having a strong organization in U.S that will allow us to produce our Products locally. We are committed to the Environment and Sustainable development. My goal is to Produce 80% of the North American demand at our factories in the U.S. “

“As we think of the future of the plastic packaging Industry, we believe a business model based on Plastic with an efficient waste collection, classification and recycling processes in order to achieve a Circular Economy.”

“I want to provide the Vision, and drive the changes needed across the organization for the ambitious strategic plan for growth in North America. My focus is on implementing organizational changes and understand the cultural change that needs to take place.”

“I would like to help DAUMAR become the Primary supplier for North American Customers by building strong Relationships with them. I want to deliver excellence in all that we do.”

DAUMAR Corporation
13265 Reese Blvd East
Huntersville, NC 28078
Tel: 1.704.885.7025