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Stemilt to offer 5 River Islands cherries in early June

WENATCHEE, Wash. – Delighting consumers this summer is easy when carrying Stemilt’s BB #:113654 5 River Islands cherries. Starting the first week of June, this limited-time pack is full of California’s finest dark-sweet cherries that come with optimal quality and unforgettable flavor. Inspired by its unique growing locale, 5 River Islands cherries are just short of magical.

“5 River Islands come from a special locale and help wrap our California season,” said Shales. “This season, they will coincide with the start of our Washington cherries. This special pack is all about sharing a story of the California Delta and the great quality cherries it produces.”

The California River Delta is a region surrounded by miles of waterways and cherries are hand-picked at just the right moment to ensure size, firmness and flavor standards exceed consumer expectations.

The Delta region made up of 1,100 square miles that link nearly 60 islands and more than 700 miles of waterways to form the most unique farm grounds in the country. Five rivers run through the Delta region inspiring the name for 5 River Islands cherries.

“Currently, the only variety we pack under the 5 River Islands brand are Lapins,” Shales says. “The Lapin variety is known for its larger size, dark red coloring and well-balanced flavor profile and only the highest quality Lapins are included.”

Stemilt will have 5 River Islands through mid-June. Cherries are seasonal and high dollar ring item and the size, quality, flavor and limited time offering of 5 River Islands cherries makes for a great category growth opportunity. This brand is packed in catch-weight bags and a high-graphic, romantic box highlighting this brand’s unique growing location.

“Cherries are a huge sales driver to produce departments every summer. This brand highlights a one-of-a-kind growing locale, tells consumers an authentic story, and helps retailers call attention to delicious cherries grown in California,” explains Shales.

“Especially now, consumers seek out companies who are transparent about their products and share where their food is grown.”

A recent study found that consumer’s expectation of transparency is growing daily and nearly 86 percent of Americas believe transparency from a business is more important than ever before.1 Moreover, 73 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for products who guarantee transparency.

“Stemilt’s commitment to transparency and growing for quality and flavor is apparent through the 5 River Islands brand,” explains Shales. “And we are excited to get this pack on the shelf for a brief time in June to keep delighting consumers into the start of the summer season.”

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2. #BrandsGetReal: The Social Media & Evolution of Transparency.

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