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NatureSweet launches pilot for Fair Trade USA certified tomatoes for Walmart

San Antonio, TX, May 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NatureSweet BB #:152351 continues to follow its mission of transforming the lives of Agricultural workers in North America by keeping people its top priority.

Leveraging what they do for their Associates, their families, and communities, NatureSweet’s commitment to Fair Trade Certification augments its already long-standing relationship and certification with EFI, also known as the Equitable Food Initiative.

Both EFI and Fair Trade USA help consumers recognize the 360-degree ethical ecosystem at NatureSweet that monitors and maintains fair working conditions, elevated safety modules, and educational opportunities for their Associates.

NatureSweet is now offering Fair Trade Certified tomatoes at select Walmart BB #:143789 U.S. stores.

NatureSweet’s ongoing commitment to its Associates, and to being the groundbreaking leader of the fresh produce industry, made for a straightforward alliance with Fair Trade USA whose certification requires regular evaluation by independent auditors to ensure requirements are met.

Both organizations have a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, in particular to the well-being of the NatureSweet Associates growing and processing delicious produce, and to protecting the environment around them.

“NatureSweet has been transforming the lives of agricultural workers for over 30 years,” said NatureSweet CEO and President Rodolfo Spielmann.

“By collaborating with Fair Trade USA to offer Fair Trade Certified produce to Walmart’s customers, we have the ability to continue offering consumers ethically grown produce and expand upon our mission.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with NatureSweet in this Fair Trade pilot,“ said Martin Mundo, Walmart’s Senior Vice President of Produce. “We strongly believe in the commitment to responsible sourcing, and this pilot will complement our ongoing industry work with the Ethical Charter.”

The two-year pilot will help increase the amount of Fair Trade Certified tomatoes in the industry and awareness of fair working conditions while also increasing the opportunity for more community development funds. For consumers, it means greater availability of Fair Trade Certified goods and better communication about the impacts of the model.

“We are excited by the efforts made by NatureSweet and Walmart, which will have a significant positive impact on the agricultural industry and bring farmers to the forefront of produce,” said Jesse Appelman, Director of Fresh Goods at Fair Trade USA.

Fair Trade provides a compelling option for responsible sourcing, and by working together, NatureSweet, Walmart, and Fair Trade USA will help support the more than 7,000 NatureSweet Associates who are the heart of its brand; at the same time, ensuring surety of supply for consumers, and providing consistent high-quality standards expected from NatureSweet.

For more information about NatureSweet, visit For more information about Fair Trade USA, please visit Fair Trade USA.

About NatureSweet Tomatoes

NatureSweet is the single source solution for greenhouse grown vegetables driven by the leading and best tasting brand on tomatoes. Always vine-nurtured and hand-picked at the peak of freshness, only NatureSweet produce guarantees great taste all year round. NatureSweet produce is carefully grown, harvested, and packaged by more than 7,000 full-time Associates, and are sold at major grocers, mass retailers, club stores and food service operators in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Known for amazing Associates, award-winning quality, and innovative packaging, NatureSweet is also committed to having a positive social, environmental, and economic impact on the communities in which they operate.

About Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA (previously TransFair USA), a nonprofit organization, is the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. Fair Trade USA audits and certifies transactions between U.S. companies and their international suppliers to guarantee that the farmers and workers producing Fair Trade Certified goods were paid fair prices and wages, work in safe conditions, protect the environment, and receive community development funds to empower and uplift their communities. Fair Trade USA educates consumers, brings new manufacturers and retailers into the Fair Trade system, and provides farming communities with tools, training and resources to thrive as international businesspeople. Visit for more information.