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Progressive Produce begins shipping potatoes and asparagus to U.S. and Canada

LOS ANGELES, CA – Progressive Produce BB #:113613 will begin shipping their strongest supply of nutritious and versatile potatoes and asparagus to shoppers across the United States and Canada.

Let’s talk taters! Organic yellow and red potatoes are available now through the end of July. Organic russets will start mid-June through early August. Conventional red and gold potatoes will be available through mid-August. All with plenty of supply.

Gael Vazquez, Director of Procurement says, “We have a great crop of California grown potatoes this season. Growing conditions were ideal and produced a better-looking crop than last year across all varieties, our volume is up compared to last year and we have plenty of availability.”

Currently, we pack our potatoes in biodegradable polymesh bags. Starting this summer, we’re excited to offer 100% recyclable paper packaging to our customers. The Earth-friendly paper packaging comes in 1.5-pound bags for both conventional and organic red, gold, and medley baby potatoes, 3-pound bags for organic russet, red, and gold potatoes, and 5-pound bags for conventional russet, red, and gold potatoes.

What better way to complete a potato dish than with Asparagus! As we travel around the world importing the freshest asparagus, we’ll be stopping by Washington and Michigan during the late-spring and early summer months.

“As a year-round shipper, we’re proud to offer our customers promotable volumes of high-quality USA grown asparagus,” says Tyler Steele, Sales Manager. “While we also have product out of Mexico and Peru, our domestic program provides fast, easy access to the freshest produce and supports local economies.”

Our USA grown program includes green, organic, and purple asparagus. We recently began harvesting Washington asparagus in late-April and will ship through late-June. Organic supplies will be available through late June out of Washington, where Progressive will continue to be the largest shipper of organic asparagus grown in the state. Our Michigan season will run early May through the end of June.

Product will be packed in 11-pound boxes, but we also have the capability to pack in 28-pounders. A dynamic bag program is also available with many sizes and styles.