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Mexican blueberry harvest begins in Sinaloa

With acceptable production expectations in place, blueberry harvesting has begun in northern Sinaloa.

Lenin Garcia, a blueberry producer, told Debate, a Mexican news agency, that thanks to the good weather conditions that occurred this year, the fruit shows a very good appearance and size, and this will allow access to different national and international markets.

Garcia highlighted that the blueberry cutting process is always one of the most important parts as it is done manually.

He said blueberry harvest takes place progressively, increasing throughout March ramping up in April and May. Due to the excellent quality of the fruit, growers are confident that consumer demand will result in stronger prices in the markets.

The area dedicated to the production of blueberry has grown exponentially, with 1,226 hectares already in production at the state level, where the Valle del Fuerte stands out with the largest hectarage with 1,170, according to the Validation and Planting System operated by the Sinaloa State Plant Health Committee (Cesavesin).

Other areas that have blueberries, but to a much lesser extent, are the municipality of Sinaloa, the Evora region, and Quila.

Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services