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Magic Sun expands product line and sales staff

Richmond, VA – Magic Sun, a leading hydroponic grower in Mexico, is seeing continued growth and demand in its original tomato product line. Over the last two seasons, the company has expanded its program to offer year-round conventional and organic tomatoes, and recently added bell peppers and blueberries to its retail offering.

Alejandro Santander, Vice President of Sales and Operations and one of the original founders of Magic Sun, indicated that due to COVID prompting changes in the workplace, consumers are spending more time at home and focusing on fresh produce.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in demand for our tomato product line. Our seven greenhouses in central Mexico give us consistent productivity and the highest quality so retail partners can rely on our sustainable volumes when other field grown products have faced many weather-related challenges this year,” Santander commented.

The addition of peppers and blueberries to the Magic Sun product line draws on the extensive agricultural experience of growing partners and gives retail partners another sourcing option. Santander indicated the new commodities expose the brand to other buyers in the organization and help retailers leverage the Magic Sun relationship for efficiencies in transportation and the supply chain.

Santander stated that the strength of the fresh market and their expanded product line has prompted the need to add to their sales team. A new regional sales manager position was created to expand calling efforts on the east coast.

David Kyzer was added to the Magic Sun team and has established comprehensive programs with the leading retailers in North America across perishables, grocery, organics and deli/meat categories.

“David has developed business with the top 20 retailers in the US and created strategic account management programs, and delivered training and merchandising support to generate long-term relationships. Kyzer also brings extensive experience in inventory management and syndicated sales data programs, which offer a valuable growth area for us to support our retail partners,” Santander stated.

About Globalmex and Magic Sun ( 715-764-3034

Globalmex International, Inc. BB #:300282 is a leading hydroponic tomato grower in Mexico with greenhouses covering over 200 acres of production. Going to market as Magic Sun, it offers a broad line of conventional and organic tomatoes that are sold year-round to distribution partners and retailers in North America. Magic Sun maintains its roots as a grower and now offers integrated produce programs including packing, shipping, marketing and merchandising.

Magic Sun’s affiliation with CEIKOR University in Queretaro, Mexico provides the research facility for new varieties and developing enhanced growing protocols and technologies to maximize hydroponic farming. All varieties are grown to strict Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) to ensure the highest level of food quality standards, and organic varieties are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).