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Blue Book reflects on 120 years

Blue Book is 120 years old.

We are working harder than ever for our members’ success. It has always been the business philosophy of Blue Book that we will not seek success for ourselves; instead, we believe that by working for our members’ success, we will do well.

Putting the business welfare of others ahead of our own, works. We know our place on the train—it is at the rear, making sure that all the cars ahead of us arrive at their destination safely and on time.

How do we do this? By providing best in class information, enabling those charged with running their organizations to make the best decisions possible.

Blue Book is not totally altruistic, because we, too, want to grow. It is like the farmer who plants his crop year after year—he/she works hard to protect the crops, but in the end, it is Mother Nature who really does the heavy lifting.

Is it this simple?

Yes, it is.

And it is, at the same time, very complicated. People don’t want to be told what to do, but they want, and need, someone with whom to ask questions, to seek answers.

Blue Book tries to be that source. Umpires are not the most highly paid people on the diamond, but without them, the game of baseball would be chaotic and unworkable.

In our many years, we have endured wars, depressions, recessions, pandemics, and the vagaries of politics, all the while working for you, our members. We give you our solemn promise that we will never veer from our mission—to provide you with the tools and information to assist you to make wise choices.

Over the course of our 120th year, 2021, we will look back at issues and situations, taken from our archives of people, events, and happenings, to enlighten and entertain you.

Pretend you are young again and sitting on your grandfather’s lap, waiting for him to tell you a story.

In the end, all of us are wide-eyed six year-olds.

Jim Carr is the President and CEO of Blue Book Services Inc.