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How to avoid Avocado Hand, and more guacamole tips ahead of the big game

It’s time for my annual reminder of all the things consumers need to know to take advantage of the biggest avocado holiday of the year.

Did you know? The weeks leading up to the Super Bowl see the highest volumes of avocados move through retail all year.

And this year, with so many restaurants not operating at full capacity, there’s likely to be the some of the lowest prices you’ll ever see. I know I’ve been buying bags and bags and bags of avocados at Costco lately simply because the price point is so low.

I buy two bags at a time, let them soften on the counter, and keep them in my fridge to have ripe and ready-to-eat avocados every day.

But, with all of these avocados comes the risk of the dreaded Avocado Hand injury.

Ok. When I first started seeing articles about “Avocado Hand,” I wanted to be one of those people that says that this is something the media makes up and it doesn’t really happen. Surely people know how to cut avocados by now? Isn’t this just some kind of elaborate ruse by guac companies to sell pre-made stuff? Wholly Guacamole is using it as a punch line for promotions. 

But then you see stuff like this:

My family was an early adopter to buying avocados at the store. Kid you not, I made guacamole for show and tell in third grade at Osage Beach Elementary in Osage Beach, MO…in 1988.

Despite this, my sister has gone to the ER with Avocado Hand THREE TIMES. As an adult.

So, in the spirit of arming consumers with the most information possible, to maximize avocado consumption and minimize injuries, I’m sharing my best tips for selection, ripening, storage, preparation, and the secret to getting more avocado and less pit…backed by science!

Here you go: