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Trade Alert – Suspicious Trading Activity Observed

Information assessed by Blue Book Services, Inc. supports serving notice of observed suspicious trading activity occurrences.

A Blue Book member should always access BBOS and conduct a Company Search and thoroughly review the Company Details/Listing page of a prospective and/or new business partner.

In addition, it is important to download a company’s Business report, paying special attention to:

  • entity structure and formation location,
  • operating address and contact detail,
  • business start date,
  • ownership and staff experience in produce,
  • proper PACA/DRC licensing, and
  • Rating and Score.

Produce businesses, and those that serve the produce industry, should adhere to their credit policies, thoroughly vet prospective new business relationships, as well as carefully monitor new relationships sold. Failing to do so may result in losses.

To become a Blue Book Member, contact us at 630.668.3500 or email and requesting Membership information.