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Race-West Company addresses butternut squash recall

Race-West Company BB #:156704 of Clarks Summit, PA, has been involved in butternut squash that has been voluntarily recalled by Lancaster Foods BB #:131571 and Pero Farms BB #:123123.

The squash in question was grown, harvested, packed, and shipped by Brightly Farms in Hamlin, NY.

Brightly has cooperated with us throughout the event, and we have been carefully following all suggestions by the FDA. The entire matter is still being investigated. Brightly Farms is reviewing all protocols with the experts and will be conducting listeria tests at their facility moving forward.

All customers that received butternut squash from this farm starting December first were notified immediately.

We have submitted information to all the customers involved, and we will continue to cooperate with both FDA and the customers.

If you have not been contacted by Jenn Danei and Harris Cutler from Race-West, you are not involved in this butternut squash event.

Race-West has been focusing on food safety, traceability, and wholesome fresh fruits and vegetables since the company’s origins in 1944. For over a decade we have maintained a full food safety team. We will always do everything in our power to make sure that the produce that we provide is safe.

The overabundance of caution that Lancaster and Pero have exhibited in their recalls is to be highly respected.

Food safety and proper action can prevent sickness and save lives.

Harris Cutler, President
Jenn Danei, Director of food safety
Contact Harris Cutler at Race-West Company