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Unique lighting solution yields first greenhouse pepper crop in Canada

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Montréal, Québec, Canada – Sollum Technologies is pleased to announce that Allegro Acres, located in Kingsville, Ontario, harvested the first greenhouse crop of winter-produced peppers using LED lighting technology in Canada.

The results of this strategic partnership, in collaboration with the Harrow Research Center of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and with the support of Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), attest to the benefits of our unique smart lighting solution and its application on a large scale.

Red, yellow and orange commercial grade peppers were seeded in October and harvested in December, then shipped to grocery stores. 90% of the peppers from this first harvest were extra-large. For Gene Ingratta, President of Allegro Acres, Sollum’s technology definitely contributed to a successful winter crop from the get-go: “Sollum’s smart LED technology has been very reassuring and comforting throughout the process because we know that every day, when we wake up, we can now control everything that’s going on in our greenhouse. We don’t have to worry if the Sun is going to come out or not. It’s now sunny every day, and we can adjust the greenhouses’ lighting in real-time as climate conditions change during the day.”

At a time when awareness of sustainable agricultural practices is on the rise, Leah Lawrence, SDTC President and CEO noted that: “The results of this initiative are an excellent example of cleantech innovation and its application in sustainable agricultural practices and the creation of local and ethical economies. SDTC is proud to invest in a company like Sollum, using innovative technologies to advance local food sustainability.”

Sollum Technologies’ President and CEO Louis Brun agreed that the results at Allegro Acres bode well for the future of local food production in greenhouses around the world. “This Canadian first with Allegro Acres is great milestone for the greenhouse industry and confirms the commercial potential of our smart LED solution,” he said. “Harvesting high-quality greenhouse peppers in winter and on such a large scale is a stepping-stone on which we can build to develop additional light recipes for increasingly diverse crops.”

In charge of marketing these peppers, Red Sun Farms BB #:171100 Director of Marketing and Packaging Leona Neill added that, “this successful crop will grab the attention of consumers looking for sustainable produce grown locally all year-round. It is a winning proposition for the entire food chain as it contributes to food autonomy and local economies, thanks to diversified and sustainable crops cultivated in greenhouses.”

“As consumers around the world continue to seek more environmentally friendly and sustainable products, Canadian entrepreneurs like Sollum Technologies are stepping up to find intelligent new solutions that improve our quality of life and even the food we eat,” said the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “Our Government is committed to ensuring that Canadian cleantech start-ups have the support and conditions to become world leaders so that people everywhere can benefit from the most innovative ‘made in Canada’ technologies.”

This crop is one of many to come, as Allegro Acres will continue to harvest peppers during the current winter period.

About Sollum Technologies

Inspired by nature, Sollum Technologies was founded in 2015 to offer greenhouse producers the only smart LED lighting solution which dynamically recreates and modulates the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light. It is based in Montréal (Québec, Canada), where its design, development, and manufacturing activities are concentrated. It works closely with its clients to create recipes adapted to the growth cycle of each product, regardless of its native climate in the world and the location of the greenhouse. Sollum’s lighting solutions thereby provide unparalleled value in terms of energy savings, productivity, and superior produce quality through a flexible, adaptive, and easy-to-use application, with great respect for the environment. It was awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solution Label granted to only 1000 technologies in the world. For more information, visit, our LinkedIn or Facebook pages.

About Allegro Acres

Established in 1999, Allegro Acres is a family owned and operated greenhouse pepper production farm in Southwestern Ontario. Allegro prides itself on being an early adopter of sustainable greenhouse production practices, such as been pollination, hydroponic installations to better control insects and facilitate more rapid growth and better efficiency, and a water recirculation system to reduce our consumption. In addition, it places workplace culture and employee well-being at the heat of its value system. For more information on Allegro Acres, please visit its grower profile on OGVG.

About SDTC

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) helps Canadian companies develop and deploy competitive, clean technology solutions, to help solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges: climate change, clean air, clean water and clean soil. By taking a cross-Canada approach, from seed to scale, and in partnership with the best peers and experts, SDTC is the global benchmark for sustainable development innovation programming.

About Red Sun Farms

Red Sun Farms is the largest vertically integrated North American greenhouse grower, ensuring control over every step of the supply chain. Red Sun Farms owns greenhouses in Mexico, USA and Canada. Quality is maintained from seed to plate to serve our consumers in Canada & the USA.