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Chilean table grape exports to grow by 12.5%

Chilean grape exports should rebound from last season.

As reported by the president of ASOEX BB #:156234, Ronald Bown Fernandez, last week the export grape industry made its first estimates for the Chilean table grape season taking into consideration information from 30 companies, representing 54 percent of the total exported the previous season.

“It is estimated that Chile will export this year 2020-2021, 82,309,644 standardized boxes of 8.2 kg, corresponding to 674,939 tons of table grapes to the different markets of the world. This estimated volume reflects a growth of 12.5% in relation to last season,” Bown said.

He said a second estimate will take place in mid-January. While also stating that Chile is the main supplier of table grapes in the world and that grapes are the main fruits, in terms of volume, exported by Chile to the world.

Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services