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Chile sees easy peel citrus exports rise as oranges fall

Exports of easy peel citrus varieties continue to grow from Chile, as oranges fall out of favor.

According to Chile’s Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), clementines and mandarins registered an increase in exports of 3 percent and 4 percent over the previous season, totaling 41,098 tons and 38,837 tons, respectively, while lemons registered a decrease of 6 percent totaling 21,413 tons, as reported by Diario El Dia.

The largest decrease, however, was registered by oranges, with a drop of 40 percent over the previous season, totaling 7,896 tons. This decrease was related to oranges being replaced by other citrus crops due to various factors such as price and susceptibility to pests.

Jorge Navarro, the Regional Director of SAG, said, “The most important regional products are clementines and mandarins, followed by lemons, which together account for 93 percent of regional citrus exports. There was a strong drop in orange exports, but this is not so relevant for our regional exports, as they only account for 7 percent of citrus exports.”

The region of Coquimbo sent 90 percent of their clementine and mandarin exports to one market this season: the United States.

“The Ministry of Agriculture, in coordination with the SAG, is supporting the export sector by generating opportunities for rapprochement. We have a very fluid relationship with the export sector that has allowed us to know their needs, seeking to open new markets, and looking for ways to develop the sector, despite the complexities that have arisen this year,” stated Rodrigo Órdenes, the Regional Minister of Agriculture.

Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services