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Shopper Insights 2020: Digging deeper into who tries new items


While it’s important to know what kinds of people are more likely than others to try new fruits and vegetables, there’s a willingness among all demographics.

Moxxy Marketing BB #:341508 CEO Karen Nardozza and I discuss marketing and retail opportunities that are revealed in Moxxy Marketing’s Shopper Insights 2020: Consumer Trends, Shopping Behaviors and Marketing Opportunities, which is a survey of 2,000 American produce consumers conducted and analyzed by Category Partners.

Nardozza said some demographics, such as younger, higher income and those living in larger cities would be expected to be more open to trying new items.

But other survey results offered more surprises, such as families with children, online shoppers and warehouse shoppers being among the highest group being willing to try new items.

Regarding higher income consumers, Nardozza said marketers tend to fall in love with that group, but the survey showed “of those who indicated they’re often willing to try new items, it was across household income demographics.”

“At least 40 percent of the respondents indicated that they often try new items,” she said. “And that means almost everybody is occasionally willing to try new items, and that’s really exciting to me as a marketer.”

Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services