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Superfresh kiwi berry season is here

Yakima, WA- Superfresh Growers BB #:113721 kiwi berry season is underway. These “poppable” sweet little berries are the ideal snack for consumers looking to elevate their fall barbeques and family picnics. Unlike their cousin the kiwifruit, kiwi berries are fuzz free and can be eaten whole.

We toured our kiwi berry fields like week in Oregon’s scenic Umpqua River Valley. “Sunlight filtered through the canopy, illuminating beautiful kiwi berries hanging on the vines, it was beautiful,” describes Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager. The berries are starting to develop their characteristic blush over a green background, signaling harvest is near!

“We are excited for kiwi berry season,” she continues. “Kiwi berries are a nutritional powerhouse, high in vitamin C, K, and E, as well as rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber. A study also shows that kiwi berries lower LDL (low-density lipoprotein), the bad cholesterol, and raise HDL (high-density lipoprotein), the good cholesterol. High levels of HDL cholesterol can lower the risk for heart disease and stroke.”

Kiwi berries are sweet, but not fuzzy like their larger cousin the kiwifruit. To discover optimal flavor, we suggest waiting until the berry is a bit squishy and soft, even if they look a bit wrinkly. Kiwi berries are “poppable” and don’t require peeling. They work well on top of salads, in Asian dishes, or as an afternoon snack. Their sweetness makes them very popular with children.

Harvest will start September 12, arriving to retailers soon after. The harvest window is short, so keep an eye out for these sweet little gems that are only available for a limited time!