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Care in Crisis: Trading Assistance

In Blue Book Services “Care in Crisis” video No.8, Jeff Lair, Marketing Director, highlights Trading Assistance – available to members – with Greg Johnson, Director of Media Development.

Trading Assistance is a vital part of Blue Book Services available to all members.

A team of professionals with several decades of PACA, produce supply chain, and transportation experience are available to help members with day-to-day produce and transportation challenges.

Blue Book’s Trading Assistance serves members with these three services:

  1. Collection Assistance on Past Due Receivables
    a. Respondent pays the debtor, not Blue Book Services
    b. 12% fee applies on reclaim recovered; No charge until receipt of payment
    c. Claims may be filed against produce or transportation firms whether they are or are not published by Blue Book Services
  2. Opinions
  3. Arbitration

Trading Assistance is another way Blue Book Services demonstrates how much we care by providing services to help companies navigate the produce supply chain during these challenging days of the Covid-19 crisis and economic uncertainty.

File a Claim on a Past Due Receivable or Get an Opinion, Quickly and Efficiently, Online Today!