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Chilean blueberries’ demand and prices rise amid pandemic

A report composed by ProChile shows that amid COVID-19’s overall negative effect on exports and lower sale of fruits, there have been some cases which show an upward trend.

Chilean blueberries, which get a boost as a healthy food, have seen strong growth, particularly in Asia, where the pandemic is receding, as reported by Blueberries Consulting.

Other healthy fruits, rich in antioxidants, immunological, and antibiotic properties, as well as frozen fruit have risen in demand and value, reaching an 18% rise in the markets.

A Chile business-to-business initiative has been promoted by ProChile to help support Chilean exporters during the COVID-19 epidemic.

“Chile is still present, fulfilling its commitments and working to get ahead. We know that we are facing a difficult scenario, that is why we are proposing alternatives to support that small and medium exporting companies can demonstrate that Chile complies,” said Jorge O’Ryan, General Director of ProChile.

There are no costs to entrepreneurs for registering and participating. They simply must be registered in ChileB2B, the marketplace set up by ProChile, and have their product catalog loaded on the platform.

“A while ago we had been working, through our Chile B2B platform, on alternatives to support SMEs [small and medium sized companies] that for various reasons could not travel abroad to do business. Now, and considering the situation in the world, this virtual business conference is positioned as a vital tool for SMEs to continue going out into the world, ” O’Ryan said.

Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services