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Keep It Fresh brings shelf-life extension products to North America

keep it fresh

The company behind Keep It Fresh shelf-life extension products have plans for North American Expansion.

India-based RDM Industries BB #:363754 is now working with wholesalers and growers in California and British Columbia, said Ramon Manak, vice president of business development for RDM Industries.

He said the company has customers in Africa, Asia and Europe for its shelf-life extending bags, pads, filter and machines.

The company has offices in Los Angeles and Tecate, Baja California, Mexico.

“The KIF shelf life extension solutions are based on an innovative technology that absorbs the harmful ethylene gas, unrequired moisture and causes of volatile bacterial inhibition, hence slowing the ripening and rotting process and increasing the shelf life of the packed and stored produce,” Manak said.

Trials have shown the products work in packed corrugated boxes, export standard packs, storage packs, punnet boxes and crate packaging.

He said the products work on a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including bananas, beans, cucumbers, peppers, mangos, berries, apples, pears grapes and cherries.

Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services