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Credit perspective during the pandemic

To the produce industry:

We are well aware of the stress being placed on the produce supply chain and each of you. The term, business as usual, does not apply to present day market conditions. And while the future will be different than what we have grown to expect, the markets of today will not, and need not, be the new normal.

Blue Book will continue to closely monitor the health of the industry, by making calls, gathering information, and reporting important business facts—in short, serving the produce industry as we have done for 119 years.

We are aware that many companies are seeking time extensions to pay vendors. This phenomenon is widespread and, frankly, applies across the board. We understand this and are sympathetic to companies who are doing the best they can to honor their commitments and contracts. For the present and until there is some semblance of stability in the market, Blue Book will not report that companies are seeking extensions.

We invite each of you to share your observations—about what is occurring and how you and your companies are coping.

We are aware, and support, ideas that have made their way to the Secretary of Agriculture and the White House, seeking relief for the produce industry. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you on this issue.

May each of us be granted peace, wisdom, and patience. Let us believe in ourselves and the industry we serve.

Jim Carr is the President and CEO of Blue Book Services Inc.