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BrandStorm Key Takeaways, Part 2: authenticity

AUSTIN, TX—An authentic message, and the right medium, is important now more than ever—especially in business to business marketing.

I talked with Mary Coppola Heslep, vice president of marketing and communications for the United Fresh Produce Association, and Jeff Lair, marketing director for Blue Book Services, following United Fresh’s BrandStorm ATX.

Our world has completely changed since the conference, with COVID-19/coronavirus throwing businesses an unprecedented curveball. How will your business adapt its marketing strategy? No matter which medium you use, the message has to start with this foundation: authenticity.

Some of the most engaging content I’ve seen lately in social media comes from people not afraid to “wear the leggings” for their company, grab a smartphone or a webcam, and get on video. If you’re on LinkedIn (and you should be! come follow me!), you know who they are.

How do you find, and nurture, your brand’s authentic message?

Watch Part 1: Patience & Persistence here. 


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.