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FIRST LOOK: the MandaRosa red mandarin

mandarosa-close up
This is actually the one Ike cut. Aren’t they pretty?

The real thing isn’t always as pretty as the promo pictures, but this time the MandaRosa red mandarins my husband bought at Central Market truly delivered on looks.

But, how was the flavor?

New varieties sometimes can be a little inconsistent, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Pro Citrus Network’s BB #:172001 new cross between a mandarin and a blood orange.

My husband tried one and said it was delightfully tart. I like a more raspberry flavor to my blood oranges.

So, I had my boys (11 and 6 years old) give them a try. I had my husband watch for them at H-E-B’s Central Market. He found them in mid-February for $2.47 a pound. I can get samples sent to me (AND THIS IS ONE OF THE COOLEST PARTS OF MY JOB) but I always prefer taste tests to be something that’s gone through the supply chain, you know? It’s a more authentic consumer experience.

Of course, the boys were a little goofy about it, but overall reviews were excellent. My kids love blood oranges but are mixed on easy-peelers. They either love them or hate them.

MandaRosas were more than just a pretty face. They were delicious, too.

Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.