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I found Trader Joe’s products at Aldi, but it’s not what you think

trader joes at aldi
How did THIS end up at Aldi, if they’re not related?

BERLIN—I often hear the rumor that Trader Joe’s and Aldi are the same company, and it’s a complicated thing to explain.

(We actually do it in a great article from Produce Blueprints)

But, you can find the Trader Joe’s name on products at Aldi…in Germany.

The difference is, if you’re in the northern part of the country, the stores are Aldi Nord (North), the company that owns Trader Joe’s.

The company that operates Aldi stores in the U.S. is Aldi Sud (South). They are different companies entirely, with different logos, but a very similar shopping experience.

The funny thing is…when you go to a Trader Joe’s in the U.S., some of the names of Trader Joe’s house brand are funny takes on the origin of the products, like Trader Jose, or Trader Giotto. In Germany, it’s just Trader Joe’s.

In the video I said the companies don’t have a relationship, but there has been a recent softening of that stance with a few co-branded initiatives – so maybe the TJ’s brand COULD expand to Aldi in the U.S.? I wouldn’t hold your breath, though.

Take a look around and see for yourself.


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.