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On the Road, Verbrauchermarkt Ullrich, Berlin

BERLIN—At first glance, this store didn’t look like much. It’s connected to the subway, on the ground floor with, honestly, a grungy-looking exterior. But the inside? The produce department? It was fantastic.

It had a ton of selection of apples, organics and the most outrageous array of tomato packaging options I’ve ever seen.

While I was taking pictures of all of the different types of tomato packs, a fellow shopper asked what I was doing, in a curious way. I told him I’d never seen so many different types of tomato packs, and he lamented some of the plastic options that weren’t recyclable. This store also was the first I’d seen some of the laser printed BIO designations.

The fact that it’s an Ullrich, and my son’s name is Ulrik also amused me. Uli doesn’t know of too many other Uli’s across the pond.

Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.